Rev. Carrie MaKenna

Celebrating 15 Memory-filled Years
Independent Non-denominational Ceremony Officiant

Couples are Raving about Rev. Carrie

Carrie is just absolutely amazing she is the best officiant hands down!

Lupe and Latoya - 2017, Bella Sera, Brighton CO

Hey Lupe and Latoya - I absolutely loved helping you create a unique and truly
beautiful ceremony that reflected your heritage with a 13 Coins and Lasso ceremony
and included your daughter with a Family Sand ceremony.

Carrie is great! She is easygoing and has a way of making you feel comfortable. My (now) husband and I both connected with her and felt she was really able to make our ceremony come to life and portray who we are as a couple and the love we share!

Gigi and Billy - 2016, Noah's Event Center, Broomfield CO
Dear Gigi and Billy - Thank you for entrusting me with creating a ceremony that reflected your unique relationship.

Carrie made our wedding absolutely perfect! She was very flexible with what we wanted and ensured everything went smoothly on the big day. We are very happy that she was able to be a part of our wedding.

Maren and Ryan - 2016, Centennial Gardens Park, Denver CO

Thanks Maren and Ryan - I sure loved working with you to make your ceremony just what you wanted. I'm so glad you felt I helped make your day run smoothly.

The day Chris and I met with Rev. Carrie she was so welcoming we both knew we wanted Rev. Carrie to officiate at our wedding. Carrie took the time to get to know us and that meant a lot to Chris and I. The words we chose for our ceremony, Carrie put together beautifully and that made our ceremony perfect. We will always remember your words of comfort that made our day more at ease. Thank you Rev. Carrie for making our day blessed and special to us.

Christine and Christopher - 2016, Red Rocks Trading Post, Morrison, CO
Dear Christine and Christopher - It was my honor and pleasure to help you create a unique ceremony to celebrate your relationship. I loved helping you Honor Loved Ones who couldn't be present and incorporating the Lasso ceremony.

Carrie wasn't only our wedding officiant she did a lot more for us on our special day then I expected! I would recommend Carrie for anything! She is a kind individual and cares about the people she meets a long her journey! I knew from the first time we met Carrie she would become more then our wedding officiant! I will recommend her to others!

Melissa and Patrick - 2016, Crystal Rose, Lookout Mtn, CO

Aww Missy and Patrick - Thank you so much. I loved including the Game of Thrones vows and bringing your son into the ceremony. Your family is a circle of strength and love.

Carrie was great! She was very communicative in the weeks before our wedding and she was flexible with what kind of ceremony we wanted. I would recommend her for any type of Greg and Stephanie - 2016, Brittany Hill, Denver CO
Thank you Greg and Stephanie - I loved helping you create the ceremony you wanted with Unity Sand pouring, several special readings you chose and your own vows.

Carrie was very flexible in helping plan our ceremony since my husband works long hours everyday. She worked with us over Skype to plan out the details since we live outside of the Denver area. We were very satisfied with her services and highly recommend her.

Laura and Pias - 2016, Denver Aquarium, Denver CO
Dear Laura and Pias - Thank you for your kind words. I loved having your ceremony in front of the shark tank at the Denver Aquarium. What a unique and wonderful space for the start of your marriage. You two are meant for each other.

Carrie was fantastic from beginning to end. We scheduled our first meet and instantly

she made us feel comfortable. We had a non denominational ceremony and felt her
picks were perfectly paired for us! I also really enjoyed that she made time to spend
with my family. Not to mention after the ceremony she had to help my maid of honor
figure out how to bustle my dress! (it wouldn't have happened with out her) I highly recommend her for anyone, especially those laid back and just looking for someone
who makes them feel comfortable!

Bianca and Alan - 2016, Villa Parker, Parker CO
Aww Bianca & Alan - Thank you so much. Loved helping you create a unique ceremony suited to you. And I've had a lot of experience bustling dresses! Just one of the perks of being a female officiant. I love helping brides any way I can.

Carrie, walked us through each step of the way. From the first meeting with Carrie I felt very confident that she understood the ceremony that my husband and I had envisioned. She really helped us to personalize our vows and the entire ceremony to reflect our unique personalities. We even moved up the time of our wedding a few hours so that she could be the one that delivered the ceremony! She was wonderful in each step of the journey. I highly recommend Carrie!

Kristin and Barry - 2015, Home, Lookout Mtn, CO
Dear K & B - Thank you so much. I loved helping you create your Mountain/Cowboy/Irish inspired wedding ceremony complete with guests sitting on hay bales. It was truly my honor to help you two get hitched. Love you both.

Carrie was absolutely amazing, she went above and beyond the call of duty during the entire wedding. She made us feel comfortable and less nervous, which helped so much! I will recommend her to everyone I know!

Macy and Thomas - 2015, Crystal Rose, Lookout Mtn, CO
Dear Macy and Thomas - Thank you for your kind words. It so was perfect to include your son with a family unity sand ceremony. I loved every minute with you and your family!

Carrie was perfect for our ceremony. She customized it to our requests and was a pleasure to work with.

Renee and Rob - 2015, Private Home, Estes Park CO
Dear Renee and Rob - It was so delightful to create a Sottish/Celtic ceremony with a Native American Indian touch thrown in. Your home in Estes Park was a perfect location. It was my pleasure to help you and your family celebrate your wedding. Love to you all - Rev. Carrie MaKenna

We recently used Rev. Carrie MaKenna for our wedding ceremony. We had the daunting task of planning our wedding from overseas, and Carrie was so helpful throughout every step of the process, even through the 11-hour time difference! She created a specialized non-religious ceremony for us which incorporated different aspects from our Greek Orthodox and Muslim backgrounds. I felt like she understood exactly what we wanted from day one and turned it into a beautiful ceremony. Carrie puts her creativity, heart and soul into creating the perfect ceremony, and thinks of every detail throughout every step of the process. She was wonderful at our rehearsal, and had thought of all the little details that a busy bride would never think of. If you go with Rev. Carrie MaKenna you will not only have an unforgettable ceremony, but a friend for life.

Rebecca and TJ - 2015, Arrowhead GC, Roxborough Park CO
Oh my gosh Becca & TJ - Thank you for the kind words. It was entirely my pleasure to help you create a ceremony that reflected both your heritages without being religious. I love having the opportunity to be so creative and help my couples have a ceremony that is personal and memorable.

Carrie was amazing. She answered all of my emails fast, changed my plan around for me whenever I needed, did a fabulous rehearsal so that everyone knew what they were doing, and helped me not fall apart during my ceremony!! We just love her. She did a fantastic job and I would recommend her to anyone. Our ceremony was short and sweet just like I asked for. Just perfect!!!!

Taryn and Greg - 2015, Chattfield Botanic Gardens Barn, Littleton CO
Taryn and Greg - It was so lovely to share your day with your family and friends.
The Wine Box and Love Letter ceremony was especially sweet. My goal is to help you
have a ceremony that you'll cherish throughout your life together. Your vision for a
Boho Chic wedding came off beautifully at the Chattfield Botanic Gardens Barn.

A beautiful setting for a beautiful ceremony.

Carrie was awesome! I couldn't have asked for a better officiant!!

Natalie and Marty - 2015, Private Home, Lakewood CO
Dear Natalie and Marty - I'm so glad you chose me to create a unique ceremony to re-affirm your marriage at 10 years. It was truly my honor to walk you through the Six Blessings Ceremony and share your day with your family, friends and doggies. Love to you all on your continued journey of life.

Carrie was a wonderful officiant. She was courteous, listened to what we were wanting our wedding service to say, and helped crystallize that into a meaningful ceremony. She explained everything, was timely, and combined humor and heart with professionalism. She helped put the soul and heart in to a special day. We would definitely recommend her.

Sue and Ted - 2015, Private Home, Denver CO
Dear Sue and Ted - It was truly my pleasure to help you complete the circle your lives have taken back to each other. I loved helping you create a ceremony that reflected your lives and included your circle of friends and family. May you live long and happily in one another's arms.

Reverend Carrie MaKenna was really great! My husband and I decided last minute
(5 weeks) we were going to have a wedding ceremony. We contacted Carrie and within a few days we had already talked to her and told her what and how we wanted things go. She has her ceremony outlined, but is flexible and will work with you to make the ceremony yours. She has several different ideas that you can incorporate in your ceremony. We chose to give flowers to our mothers, unity sand, and a bowl of blessing using quilt pieces to be sewn together by a family member. She arrived early to the ceremony and came to talk with me before to make sure things were how I wanted. She stayed until after the ceremony to sign the license. It was my first time meeting her on the day of the wedding, but because of her kind, warm, friendly personality I felt as though I had known her for sometime.
I would definitely recommend her!!!

Brittney and Alex - 2015, Tallyn's Reach Clubhouse, Aurora CO
Thank you Brittney and Alex - It was my pleasure to help you create a unique ceremony that expressed your interests and personality. I can't wait to see the quilt.

Carrie was great to work with. Explained everything very well and answered all our questions. Fast to respond to emails which was great.

Kristen and Brian - 2015, Lionscrest Manor, Lyons CO
It was so lovely to celebrate your day with a wedding tree ceremony at the amazing Lionscrest Manor. It was a beautiful day at a stunning location with a delightful couple. Thank you so much for having me as your wedding officiant.

Rev Carrie helped us to create a fairytale wedding come true. First of all, she is an incredibly kind-hearted and down-to-earth person; working with her was a pleasure for everyone involved. Rev Carrie helped us combine more traditional wedding aspects with a Persian sugar ceremony such that the ceremony flowed in perfect harmony. Her suggestions for Persian poetry readings and elements such as the stone bowl and mother roses created the perfect balance of script and visual interaction. The ceremony kept the audience involved and attentive. Rev Carrie went beyond our expectations to organize the Persian sugar ceremony and make it accessible to wedding guests that had never heard of this Iranian tradition. The experience was magical. We would highly recommend Rev Carrie's unique officiant services to anyone!

Chante and Baran - 2015, Sanctuary Golf Club, Daniels Park CO
Dear Chante and Baran - It was entirely my pleasure to help you create a unique ceremony that incorporated traditions both new and ancient. I'm so glad that you, your families and guests were pleased with the ceremony.

Rev. Carrie MaKenna was great to work with. She did such a wonderful job for our wedding. She was so helpful before and after ceremony. We are so happy to have found her. I would highly recommend her for your wedding. Thank you so much Carrie.

Patricia and Robert - 2015, Christie's of Genessee, Genessee CO
Dear Patricia and Robert - It was just delightful to help you create a unique ceremony that included your family and a Unity Sand Ceremony. The rain at Christie's of Genesee was just a bonus so we could use my purple umbrella. Thanks for the kind words.

Carrie MaKenna is a wonderful person! She was so helpful to my wife and I. She officiated our wedding and it was so beautiful! Her words and her actions made us feel very special. You can tell she truly cares about people and their happiness. Thank you Carrie! We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful and caring ceremony!

Kellie and Debbie - 2015, Lookout Mountain Park, CO
Dear Kellie & Debbie - It was my honor to be your Wedding Officiant. I loved meeting your family. You found a beautiful spot at Lookout Mountain Park. It was so sweet for you to hold a Rose Quartz, symbolizing Universal Love, during the ceremony. 

We waited until the last minute to select an officiant because I wasn't sure what to look for. After some online research we decided to go with a professional officiant, which was a wonderful idea. Carrie was listed on our venue's preferred vendor list, and I liked her website. The planning meeting was so smooth - she made us feel comfortable and had all these ceremony options typed up so you could select anything you liked. She made great suggestions about timing, seating arrangements, and was very flexible to any changes.
We took the best man and maid of honor to her studio the day before the wedding to run through the ceremony, which saved a lot of time versus the traditional rehearsal dinner.
On the wedding day she performed her role like a champ, making sure everyone was in the right place and keeping the timing on track. I have no complaints and would highly recommend Carrie to anyone.
Ashley and Travis - 2015, Mt. Vernon Country Club, Lookout Mtn. CO
Dear Ashley and Travis - You also made my job easy! Your choices of using a Bowl of Blessings to include all your guests was lovely. And your Best Man was so concerned with helping make everything go well. He was a big help. I'm glad I could help you make your day go smoothly and that your ceremony was what you had hoped for.

We really enjoyed having Carrie as our wedding officiant. She did an amazing job with the service! Everyone enjoyed her too!!

Erin and Jarrett - 2015, Crystal Rose, Lookout Mtn. CO
Dear Erin and Jarrett - Your wedding may have been the best Mother's Day gift your mom's have ever gotten. I loved helping you have a unity sand ceremony and give roses to your mothers.

Carrie was wonderful. She was great to work with and gave us exactly what we wanted.

Siobhan and Michael - 2015, Boettcher Mansion, Lookot Mtn. CO
Thank you Siobhan and Michael - I'm so glad we could honor your loved ones with a Memorial Candle lighting. As always the Boettcher Mansion on Lookout Mountain is such a glorious setting.

Rev.Makenna gave my husband and I a wonderfully unique service specially created for our needs and personalities. I would highly recommend her to anyone!

Amanda and Matt - 2015, Crystal Rose, Lookout Mtn. CO 

Thank you so much - I loved being able to customize your ceremony to include the reference to your relationship being like a Binary Star System. And I'm always
happy to throw in lines from my favorite movie The Princess Bride.
Mawwage is wot bwings us togeva today!

Carrie was flexible, helpful, and kind. We loved working with her and appreciated how she got on board with our unique wedding. She really tried to understand us and didn't put any of her own values on un. Thanks

Andrea and Javier - 2015, Lookout Mtn. Park, Lookoutout Mtn.CO
Dear Andrea & Javier - It was my great pleasure to be there for you and help you have a unique and special ceremony.

From the first meeting with Carrie we knew she was the perfect person to officiate our wedding. Carrie was well prepared for our wedding that included our 7 children with a sand ceremony.

Nicol and Mike - 2015, Crystal Rose, Highlands Ranch CO
Nicol and Mike - Your family is amazing. It was my honor to help celebrate you and your children with a Unity Sand Ceremony.

She made our wedding perfect. Even laughed with us during the ceremony.

Dee and Mike - 2014, Crystal Rose, Highlands Ranch CO
Dear Dee and Mike - I love being with you to celebrate your unique relationship with
a sand ceremony and share some laughter with you. Your ceremony was so delightful
and fun.

She was awesome with everything my family loved her.

Tiera and Jamison - 2014, Richards-Hart Estate, Wheat Ridge CO

Dear Tiera and Jamison - It was truly my pleasure to help you create a ceremony that honored your mothers, your child and your aunt. I'm truly grateful you found me. Love to you and for all the blessings to come in your life! 

Carrie - Thank you for doing such a wonderful job conducting our wedding ceremony. You helped us design the perfect day with all the important aspects that Bob and I both value. You also kept me calm when I forgot the tux ... you're very comforting! We will be happy to recommend you to others!

Sharon and Bob - 2014, Crystal Rose, Lookout Mtn. CO

Dear Sharon and Bob - I was my pleasure to include your guests with the Ripples Intersecting ceremony, and have you share a cup in the Wine ceremony.

Rev. Carrie was an absolutely amazing officiant! She really listened to the needs and wants of my fiancé and I for our special day, and really tailored the perfect ceremony to fit us!
She was extremely accommodating, even when our ceremony venue changed last minute. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone getting married - she will take care of you and make everything fabulous!!

Abbey and Tommy - 2014, Kevin Taylor Opera House, Denver CO

Oh my gosh Abbey and Tommy - It was a delight to be able to help you create a ceremony that you'll look back on with fondness. The vows you wrote to each other made me feel you two are genuinely a wonderful match. It was great to hare a few laughs with you during the ceremony as well.

Carrie maKenna is amazing!!!! She made my ceremony more beautiful than what I could have expected. She truly made me feel so special on my wedding day.
Julia and Brian - 2014, Crystal Rose Hampden, Denver CO

Thank you Julia and Brian - You two are awesome. I loved the special touches you added, like having your daughter carry a sign down the aisle that said, " Daddy, Here Comes Mommy!" I'm so glad I could help make your day memorable.

She was very attentive and sweet. We highly enjoyed her presence and she set up a beautiful service for us.

Casey and Keith - 2014, Villa Parker, Parker CO

Dear Casey and Keith - Thanks so much for the kind words. You two were so much fun!
It was sweet to honor the loved ones you have lost and have you share a cup of wine during your ceremony. You are a most delightful couple.

Carrie was wonderful to work with. From the initial interview she started crafting our ceremony and gave us tons of ideas to work with. She got to know us first before making suggestions on the type of ceremony she was going to put together. In the end we worked with a ceremony that she had written and customized it to be exactly how we wanted. Carrie ran a very organized rehearsal for us and made us feel like we had all the kinks worked out the day before the wedding. Although we only knew Carrie for a short time before the ceremony, it felt like having a close friend up there with us on our big day.

She was great!

John and Lauren - 2014, Sunspot Lodge, Winter Park CO

Thank you John and Lauren - I'm so glad you found me. It was a pleasure to help you create a unique ceremony
and include your guests by adjusting the Bowl of Blessings to incorporate snowflakes in honor of your love of skiing.
And it was so fun to use the chair lift as the processional up to the Winter Park Sunspot Lodge.

Carrie was a HUGE part of our big day from the moment we met with her in her art studio!! She remained professional through ups and downs during our delayed wedding start time and was extremely accommodating!! With a candle lighting, unity sand and butterfly release ceremony in our plans, we could not have found a better match for an officiant!! She was the BEST and we highly recommend her services!!

Theresa and Jubal - 2014, Arrowhead Manor Inn, Aspen Park CO

Dear Theresa and Jubal - I'm so delighted you found me and we could create such a unique ceremony that matched you and your family's vibrant energy!

Thank You Carrie for helping us make our day as beautiful as it was! Felt no pressure with you at any time in choosing our words of love to each other and our kids! To infinity an beyond we are in LOVE:)

Jen and Mike - 2014, Crystal Rose, Lookout Mtn. CO

Oh my gosh Mike and Jen - It was my great pleasure to help you create such a unique ceremony to join your families using each of your hand-prints in a different color of paint on canvas to create a set of wings. It was truly a gift to me to be able to facilitate that wonderful expression of art and love between you all! Thank YOU to infinity and beyond!

Thank you so much for being a part of our big day, it means the world to us that we were able to find someone who not only supports our union but also someone who gave us just what we asked for!

Gladys and Soledad - 2014, Evergreen Lake House, Evergreen CO

Dear Gladys and Soledad - I'm so glad you found me too! And it was my pleasure to help you create the ceremony you wanted and support your union. The setting on the deck overlooking Evergreen Lake matched your beauty!

Rev Carrie was wonderful. My wife and I had a difficult situation having a destination wedding and trying to find someone that met not only our needs but our views and our eclectic way of thinking.

My schedule keeps me working internationally a month at a time so trying to schedule time to look for an officiant, that met their time table and ours was difficult. Rev Carrie went out of her way to accommodate our schedule.

Rev. Carrie took the time to sit with us and get to know us. our thoughts our values our relationship and to mesh all of the diverse ideas for our ceremony into a meaningful event. We whole heartedly recommend her to anyone.

Dean and Susi - 2014, Four Seasons Hotel, Vail CO

Thank you Dean and Susi - I'm so glad you found me and we could work together. I love the story of how you met through Susi's brother-in-law. And it's always a pleasure to have a reason to drive to Vail!

Carrie was the perfect officiant for our wedding! She really worked with us and helped to make our wedding a perfect and special day. She was so supportive and helpful throughout the entire process. I highly recommend her to anyone that's looking to have a special ceremony that's all their own. Thanks so much Carrie! You're the best!

Holly and Andy - 2014, Crystal Rose, Robin's Nest, Lookout Mtn. CO

Thank you Holly and Andy - It was so fun to bring a Celtic flare to your wedding with a Scottish Loving Cup and a Hand-fasting ceremony. You found such a beautiful Quiache and Cord to use.

Carrie went above and beyond our expectations. She created the perfect ceremony that fit who we are and included everything we wanted.

Renee and David - 2014, Crystal Rose, Highlands Ranch CO

Dear Renee and David - Thanks for your kind words. I'm so glad we could honor your parents and include your son with a Family Sand Ceremony.

Thank you for being such a big part of our special day. As we were planning we would always say, if it's meant to be we will know, and when we met you we knew right then. You have a good heart and it shows. We felt comfortable with you. We will always recommend you and wish you nothing but the best.
Christi and Mark - 2014, Crystal Rose, Robin's Nest, Lookout Mtn. CO
Thank you Christi and Mark - I loved helping you create a unique ceremony
that also included the traditional Unity Candle Ceremony. You two were so fun
and easy to work with.

Carrie was amazing!! We loved that we were able to decide how we wanted our wedding ceremony to go, the prayers and passages that we loved were included. Carrie was so helpful and supportive with making sure the ceremony went off without a hitch. She knew exactly how to keep us calm when the emotions were taking over during the ceremony. We would recommend Carrie for any event, you wont be disappointed.
Thanks so much for everything Carrie!!
Kelly and Kellen - 2013, Crystal Rose, Highlands Ranch CO
Thank you Kelly and Kellen - It was so delightful to help you celebrate and bring a Celtic flare to your ceremony
with a hand-fasting.

Carrie was everything we had wished for. It certainly was not easy finding someone to perform a same sex wedding for us, but not only did she do it- she made the whole thing unforgettable. She could tell that I was nervous and emotional, but pressed on with her hands on my shoulder. The service was amazing and she incorporated things we wanted into her service (Our wedding was Disney themed so she took the time to find amazing quotes from Disney movies and put them in). I highly recommend her to anybody interested in getting married!

Michael and Matthew - 2013, Chateau at Fox Meadows, Denver CO

Dear Matthew and Michael - I'm so glad you found me too! I've been doing same-sex ceremonies since I started in 2003 and I'm so glad it's come around that Colorado made legal Civil Unions a reality. I loved helping you realize your dream wedding with Disney love quotes, a Unity Candle and a Ripples Intersecting ceremony that included all your guests.

Carrie was amazing to work with! She made the ceremony day feel like a great friend was helping us become partners in crime. She was so much fun to hang out with before the ceremony began. In addition Carrie was very helpful in creating a ceremony which matched our personalities to the tee. I would say everyone should be married by Carrie.

Heidi and Dan - 2013, Crystal Rose, Lookout Mtn. CO

Thank you Heidi and Dan - I loved being able to help you create a unique wedding

with a Scottish Loving Cup (Quaiche) and Hand-fasting ceremony. I loved being
with you and your family to celebrate your union.

Carrie was the absolute best wedding officiant we could've hoped for! Her ceremony was absolutely beautiful and she perfectly met our request for a ceremony that would be very neutral for our mixed religious and non-religious guests (and the fact that I am spiritual but not religious and my husband was raised Catholic). We also incorporated many special things, including wine sharing, a pebble blessing ceremony, a mother rose ceremony and Celtic hand-fasting that made our ceremony extra special and unique, and mixed very well with our Celtic ceremony music and the irish prayer quote in our programs. Carrie also had wonderful quote/ reading ideas that were incorporated into our ceremony and made it extra special. Last but not least, Carrie had a wonderful, warm presence during the ceremony and did an exceptional job performing the ceremony. Many, many guests complimented us on how wonderful, moving and unique the ceremony was. I could not have asked for a more perfect officiant for our special day. She made our day so special and she was absolutely perfect!!! We were married during a beautiful outdoor ceremony during the day in Golden, CO
Nancy & William - 2013, Mt. Vernon Country Club, Golden CO 

Dear Nancy and William - I'm so glad you found me and I was able to help you create a unique ceremony that reflected your values and interests while making your family and guests feel at ease.

When our wedding officiant cancelled on us three weeks before our wedding we were lucky to find Carrie. She was able to get everything written up for us quickly but still made sure that it completely fit us. Carrie was awesome before the wedding with helping us get everything together for the big day, she was amazing the day of and still continues to communicate with us even after the wedding.
Fawn & Luke - 2013, Crystal Rose Highlands Ranch CO

Dear Fawn and Luke - I'm so glad I got to be your wedding officiant. It's always an honor to help families like yours unite with a Family Sand Ceremony. It was a real pleasure sharing your day with you.

Carrie truly added magic to our wedding day. It was taylored to what we wanted, how we wanted it, with a touch of her own, creative, and heartfelt words and humor. She really showed our family and friends that she knew and respected us, which made it all that more intimate. We love Carrie!

Stacey and Kris - 2013, Crystal Rose Robin's Nest, Lookout Mtn. CO

Thank you Stacey and Kris - It was a pleasure to help you create a ceremony with unique elements like the Buddhist Six Perfections Ceremony and a Ripples Intersecting Ceremony that included all your guests. And it was fun to be able to add a little humor to the proceedings.

Thank you so much for your understanding and flexibility! Having you there on our special day was absolutely wonderful!
Tika & Charles - 2013, Crystal Rose, Denver CO
Thank you Tika and Charles - It was my pleasure to help you two create a ceremony that celebrated your relationship with a Sand Ceremony while also including the children in your blended family.

Thank you so much for performing our wedding ceremony. It was so unique and personal.
All of our family and friends LOVED the ceremony. It was wonderful to make them par of our ceremony and very special to let them feel how important they are in our lives.
Your experience helped us create a perfect ceremony to reflect Ryan and my true emotions towards each other. We can't thank you enough for guiding us into our new life together.
You made us feel so comfortable and helped support us as we stood up there together.
Laurie & Ryan - 2012, Hudson Gardens, Centennial CO

Rev. Carrie made our wedding ceremony so special and made sure it was everything we had hoped for. She was very professional. Our guests were impressed with her and loved our ceremony. Thank you!!
Natalia & Chris - 2012, Stone Mt. Lodge, Lyons CO

Thank you Natalia and Chris - It was so great to create a unique ceremony for you that incorporated a Wine Ceremony, Bowl of Blessings and a Native American blessing. And The Stone Mtn. Lodge in Lyons was absolutely beautiful.

What a wonderful experience!!! Carrie gave us an absolutely wonderful experience for our special day. She was such a pleasure to work with!
Michelle & Travis - 2012, Crystal Rose, Denver CO
Hi Dear Travis and Michele - It was truly my pleasure to help you create a unique ceremony that included Calling the Directions and a special Vows Ceremony to include your children in the wedding.

The day went wonderful and I enjoyed every bit of it.  I'm happy to have found Josh and Shelby and to have found you to do my wedding.  I'll keep ya posted as we extend our family and all that good stuff.  Thanks again much love.
Monique & Josh - 2011, Ribbons&Bows, Platteville CO

We found Carrie by searching 'Spiritual Wedding Officiants in Denver'. She was the first and only officiant we met with! After meeting and discussing our ideas and options we knew Rev. Carrie would make our ceremony personal & unique. Our ceremony was by far our favorite, most memorable part of the entire celebration and we had several guests tell us the same!
Amy & Jake - 2011, Hudson Gardens, Centennial CO
Thank you Amy and Jake - Your ceremony was so unique and memorable. I loved doing the Buddhist Six Perfections Ceremony with you in Monet's Place at the Hudson Gardens.

Carrie was excellent and flexible with our ceremony. We thoroughly enjoyed her company at the reception and would recommend her to anyone. 
Tyra & Chris - 2011, Crystal Rose, Highlands Ranch CO
Dear Chris and Tyra - It was my pleasure to hope you create a unique wedding with a Sand Ceremony that reflected the deep connection in your relationship.

We wanted a short, simple and small private wedding. I was worried that because of that it would not be memorable, but thanks to Rev. Carrie, the ceremony was very memorable and very special.  Rev Carrie was organized, on time, and communicated often.  Working with her to choose from her many options which made our ceremony unique was great.
Her suggestion that we incorporate the sand unity vase since we were outdoors really tied our families together, gave everyone a part in the ceremony and made for great photos!  The flowers honoring parents who could not attend was touching to everyone. Rev. Carrie made us feel comfortable and calm so that we could really focus on the words being spoken.  She was clear, professional and sincere. All in all, it was perfect.  We highly recommend Rev. Carrie.
Bob & Shirley - 2011, Keystone CO

Carrie helped us plan a wedding perfect for us, with unique ideas that represented our love, our beliefs, and the blending of our families. She was wonderful at the wedding itself, facilitating and officiating in a supporting way without taking any of the limelight on to herself - giving it all to the ceremony - and to me and my husband.
Bonnie & John - 2011, At Home, Denver CO
Thank you Bonnie and John - It was such a pleasure to help you two celebrate your relationship with a ceremony suited to you. The Ripples Interconnecting ceremony allowed all your guests to drop a pebble in water and tell you their wishes and blessings for you. It was wonderful to be at your father's home in his beautiful back yard.

Carrie was great. She listened to what my husband and I were looking for in a wedding ceremony. She also provided use with a wide variety of things to choose from. We ended up going with a sand ceremony for our wedding day. Everything went perfectly and Carrie was a huge part of that. I would recommend Carrie to anyone who is looking for an officiant.
Melanie & Andrew - 2011, Crystal Rose, Lookout Mtn. CO

I am delighted to endorse Carrie's work as our wedding officiant. From the beginning she made the entire process fun, simple and very exciting. She had ideas we never would have thought of on our own. She was extremely well-organized, very personable and a wonderful calming influence for all who attended the ceremony. I give her my highest recommendation.
Kathy & Glenn - 2010, At Home, Parker CO

We appreciate everything you did to make our special day so special.  Everything was so simple and perfect! 
Thank you so much! 
Karen & Cory - 2010, Wynkoop Brewery, Denver CO
Thanks so much for the beautiful ceremony. You made the wedding so special and personal. It was even better than we hoped for.
Bonni and Adam - 2009, Colorado Springs CO
I just wanted to let you know that you helped me through my stressful wedding day. You where there when things started to go south and stepped in and fixed it for me. Your encouraging words helped me not to worry about the small stuff and to focus on the big picture. Thank you for everything.
Edelyn and Benjamin - 2009, Christies of Gennessee, CO
That service was beautiful.  It was the one I had always dreamed of.  You helped to make our night very special. Everyone told us how great the ceremony was. Blessed be and hugs.
Penni and John - 2009, Crystal Rose, Highlands Ranch CO
Carrie MaKenna is an exceptional individual! Besides having a high degree of integrity and a cheerful personality, she is one of those rare individuals who takes pride in what she does. She is strong in creativity and her competence as a wedding minister extends beyond the skills for which she was originally hired. We were truly blessed to have her perform our ceremony. 

Michael and Carrie - 2008, Meadows at Marshdale Red Barn, Evergreen CO
Rev. Carrie made our wedding ceremony very special. She had so many great recommendations for our ceremony but was also very flexible with each and every piece of it. She was kind and thoughtful and easy to communicate with. She was professional and included all of our family members in the rehearsal. We still receive notes from her which is very touching. I highly recommend Rev. Carrie.
Amanda and Nick - 2008, Mt. Vernon Event Center, Golden CO

Rev. Carrie performed our wedding ceremony in August of 2007. We couldn't have asked for a better ceremony from beginning to end. Carrie was a huge help making our ceremony "ours". She listened to our request to make the day spiritual, but not religious. She also gave us many options to make our ceremony unique, from the new traditions we created (Sand Ceremony and Wine Ceremony), to the vows we spoke. Carrie really made our day special! Thanks!"
Randa & Ben - 2007, Mt. Vernon Country Club, Lookout Mtn. CO

Rev. Carrie Makenna is a wonderful wedding minister that will make your wedding day so special and comfortable. She will excel in any expectations you have for your wedding. She meets your own personal needs as a wedding minister and will include personal touches for your special day. She is very professional as well as caring and you will be very happy with the work that she will do for you! 

Jennifer and Andre - 2007, Three Trees (Vineyard) Chapel, Littleton CO
Rev. Carrie – We want to thank you for such a beautiful ceremony you gave us. It was heartfelt
and created lasting memories for us. And thank you for the printed vows, it’s perfect for framing. Thank you for everything.
Pat and Julie - 2007, At Home, Littleton, CO
Dear Carrie – We want to thank you so much for your participation in our daughter’s wedding. You added a human and compassionate, as well as settling, element to the event. The final service was most special to us. We are of Methodist and Roman Catholic backgrounds, and tried to raise our daughters without prejudice towards or against any particular concept or philosophy and religion. We have therefore taught them to respect all living creatures. The service addressed all of that and more, for which we heartily thank you! We are grateful they met you and selected you to be our officiant, and hope our paths cross again. Thank you!
Helen & John (parents), Cassandra & Larry - 2007, Genessee Park, CO

Rev. Carrie - Thank you so much for helping Rob and I put together our wonderful wedding. Without you and your creative ideas we would not have been able to make our day as amazing as it was. We have received so many compliments on the ceremony. Also your flexibility with the weather changes we had to make was wonderful. We will be so happy to refer you to others. Much love and blessings.
Kirsten and Rob - 2007, Keystone CO

Gerry, my husband, and I were married last year in March. Carrie was actually referred to us by friends who had also used her for their ceremony.  There were three key elements that Rev. MaKenna possessed that made her our choice:
1.  Organized: She is very well organized and as a bride and groom both before you wedding and during the wedding, this is invaluable.
2.  Flexible: Carrie is very open to making a ceremony, "your" ceremony. Gerry and I wanted something more spiritual, which Carrie was very good at delivering.  However, because of her experience, I know that if you wanted a more traditional religious ceremony she would be excellent.
3.  Confident & Charismatic: She is a very natural and confident speaker and although you would assume anyone that is in charge of a ceremony would be this way, I have seen cases where the MC, Pastor, Reverend or Rabbi was not as confident as I would expect.  I say this because, when you are taking your vows, listening to a reading, etc. you need someone who can convey the way you feel and this takes confidence.
Needless to say I am a little biased, but truly, I don't think you can go wrong with Reverend MaKenna.  She is warm, charismatic and confident, which makes for a wonderful ceremony.
Everyone was so impressed with the service.  You are truly gifted at what you do. Thanks so much for making the day and the ceremony so meaningful to Gerry and I.
Sheri & Gerry - 2006, Cherokee Ranch, Castle Rock CO
Rev. Carrie officiated for our 2007 Vow Renewal/ Wedding ceremony in Estes Park. I don't recall how we had heard about her but we more than happy with her services! Not only was she punctual and did she go above and beyond in helping my husband and I to find vows that fit our personal tastes, religious beliefs and philosophies but on the day of the ceremony she helped run interference for me to assure that the multiple wedding vendors did not stress out the harried bride showing her incredible skill as a wedding officient and quickly became a part of the whole messy procedings with those closest to the bride and groom (the wedding party and parents). I would recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone who may not have a close Church relationship but wants to have a traditional or not so traditional ceremony that reflects their personalities!
Deanna and Robert - 2006, Stanley Hotel, Estes Park CO

Rev. Carrie MaKenna performed our wedding ceremony in July 2005.
We were looking for a minister who could help us with a spiritual but non-denominational service. I found Rev. Carrie on the internet so was,
at first, concerned about individualized attention and quality of service. However, we were quickly put at ease. In our initial consultation,
Rev. Carrie offered many helpful ideas for making our ceremony unique without overwhelming us with options. The resulting ceremony turned out beautifully and included several aspects that I had never seen in a wedding ceremony before. Rev. Carrie helped us to create
a unique ceremony that fit perfectly with our beliefs.
I am so glad we chose Rev. Carrie for our special day! 

Michelle & John - 2005, Home, Evergreen CO

We can’t thank you enough for being a part of our special day. The ceremony was so meaningful and perfect. To this day we get compliments on how special it was. It was so thoughtful of you to give us such a lovely copy of it as well. It was a perfect day and it wouldn’t have been without you and your words. Peace and Happiness.
Bob and Sandy - 2005, At Home, Evergreen CO

Thank you so much for everything. We could have never asked for anything more. Your ceremony was amazing and made our special day perfect. Thank you co much for the print of your ceremony so we can cherish it and the words for the rest of our lives. You are such a wonderful person and we can’t that you enough for everything  you did for us.
Susanne and Devin - 2005, Lumber Baron Inn, Denver CO

We had such a great time at the wedding. The ceremony was just beautiful, just as I had imagined. Thank you so much for working with us to create a wonderful ceremony. Thanks also for the copy of the ceremony details and vows for us to keep. I’m glad you were there to start Tim and my future together.
Margaret and Tim - 2005,
Meadows at Marshdale Red Barn, Evergreen CO

I can’t begin to say how wonderful it was to be married by you.
Thank you so very much!!! – Eric
Thanks so much for performing such a beautiful ceremony! People were so very
moved, and we thought it was perfect! Thank you , too, for the vows on the beautiful paper. I will add them to our scrapbook! – Brandy
Brandy and Eric - 2005, Arrowhead Golf Course, Roxborough Park CO

Thank you so much for the copy of our vows and your spiritual support on our wedding day.
You were a perfect complement to our next step in the journey of our lives together.
Your effort and care really shows.
Michelle and Don - 2005, Shadows Ranch, Georgetown CO
Thank you, thank you! You make our wedding day wonderfully memorable. Friends and family raved about the thoughtful words and events included in our ceremony. You’re wonderful!
Sarah and Alex - 2005, Willow Ridge, Morrison CO
It wasn't until everyone had left our home that I had a chance to sit down and open the envelope you had left us. I was so pleased to see the vows printed out in such a lovely way and how nice your little note was. We really appreciated your services and the extra care you took to make us all comfortable when I felt my knees would buckle at any moment! The ceremony was perfect and I know I will be calling you every leap year to renew our vows. Maybe next time we'll try the Spice Ceremony.
Kris and Paul - 2004, Home, Denver CO

Thank you so much for performing our wedding ceremony. It was so beautiful and you were awesome! The printed ceremony is so appreciated and your sign in art is lovely! You were just the cool spiritual person we were hoping to find when we started our planning and we thoroughly enjoyed working with you! The day definitely exceeded our expectations and we felt so much love there!
Rich and Jenny - 2004, Meadows at Marshdale, Evergreen CO

Our wedding was very special and unique.  Carrie was very supportive in creating our vows as well as helping us get through the special event.  We liked the fact that we were able to use non-traditional blessings and arrange them in ways that personally reflected our love.  The ceremony was so beautiful, and we continue to receive comments from those who attended on how wonderful it was.
Angila and Brian - 2004, Bel-Mar Park, Lakewood CO

For only meeting Carrie one time prior to the ceremony for about 45 minutes, she made us feel like we had known her all of our lives. She is a highlight of our wonderful day.
Sandy and Collette - 2003, Home, Lakewood CO

Reverend Carrie - From the initial phone call to the completion of the wedding you were a pleasure to work with. The initial phone call is what hooked us. Even though your services were a little more expensive, you seemed to take a personal interest in helping us with our wedding. We loved the fact that you included our children in the vows and had a lot of suggestions. We were also very pleased that you took the time to initially meet us. Our families were very impressed that you took the time to meet them and talk to them before and after the wedding. Your services were outstanding and very professional. We will definitely recommend you to family and friends. Thanks again for everything!
Barry and Staci - 2003, Botanic Gardens, Denver CO

Rev. Carrie MaKenna, MA
Anam Cara Living Arts

Independent, Non-denominational Wedding Officiant
Distinctive Program and Ceremony Design and Facilitation for

Moments that Matter in Business, Social and Private Events

Denver Metro CO, Front Range, and Mountains
Call: 720 933-3813 or Email Rev. Carrie

Carrie is also Fine Artist with a Studio and Gallery in Colorado.
Please check out her website

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What couples have to say about Rev. Carrie

     "Reverend Carrie - From the initial phone call to the completion of the wedding you were a pleasure to work with.

     The initial phone call is what hooked us. Even though your services were a little more expensive, you seemed to take a personal interest in helping us with our wedding.

     We loved the fact that you included our children in the vows and had a lot of suggestions. We were also very pleased that you took the time to initially meet us. Our families were very impressed that you took the time to meet them and talk to them before and after the wedding.

     Your services were outstanding and very professional. We will definitely recommend you to family and friends.

     Thanks again for everything!"

Barry and Staci - 2003,
Botanic Gardens, Denver CO
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Vendor Review
Carrie Makenna brings a unique presence to one of the most important days in a person's life -- your wedding day.

I have known and worked with Carrie for more than 20 years. Her planning, composure, humor and talent for creating the experience of a lifetime are exemplary. If you are looking for a ceremony that combines just the right spiritual and cultural elements for you and yours, I highly recommend Carrie Makenna.
Patricia Moore - 2011, Photographer and Writer

50th Birthday Ceremony!

just wanted to thank you again, for helping to co-create an AMAZING birthday ritual. The experience was really touching and rich, and you held such a great energy all though out it. You, indeed, were the perfect person for us to find, and yet another example of getting support when I need it! Thank you again for all your guidance, dignity, and presence.
Tama Kieves - 2011, Denver CO

Vendor Review
Rev. Carrie was a minister in a wedding for a client of mine. She was extremely flexible, easy to work with and very experienced. She has a wonderful touch for what can be a nerve-wracking piece of the wedding - the ceremony! And her patience and attention to detail didn't go unnoticed.
Colleen Campbell, Our Special Day Designs,
 - 2007, Parkside Mansion, Denver CO

Vendor Review

Carrie is wonderful to work with and great at what she does. Her services are custom tailored to each couple so each ceremony is unique and special. She is really well organized as well so that always makes working with her fun and easy and in turn makes for a really great ceremony without a hitch. Her experience and expertise comes though beautifully.
Michael Lancaster
, Musician, Bagpiper & Guitarist

Vendor Review

I first met Rev. Carrie MaKenna when I wrote Vows (a wedding column) for the Sunday Lifestyles section of The Denver Post. Down the road, she even let me write about one of the weddings she performed for The New York Times. Having attended 24+ weddings every year for 6+ years, I've seen the best and the worst of what weddings can be. Carrie is one of the good ones. Unique and personalized, professional and compassionate, I watched her time and again serve couples' individual needs. And, that's not easy to do, when everyone is so stressed out before (and on) the big day.
Roxanne Hawn, Denver Post Vows Columnist - Denver CO

Vendor Review
I had the pleasure of working with Rev. Carrie at a wedding in 2005. She met with my bridal couple and was very thorough in what was expected of them. She definitely did a great job of running the ceremony. Due to schedules we have not been able to work together since, but she is high on my list of ministers that I call when one is needed.
Diane Kunze, Wedding Coordinator, Denver CO