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Things to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Officiant

Choosing your wedding Officiant is as important as the other decisions you'll make.

     This person will be in your photographs, video and memories for the rest of your life. It's sometimes difficult for couples who aren't part of a formal spiritual community to figure out how to even find an Officiant. For your own sake, give this choice the attention and financial consideration that it deserves. 

     Choose an Officiant who has the most to offer and be willing to pay for their experience, expertise and service. Be sure to spend as much time, care and money on finding an Officiant that fits you as perfectly as the wedding dress, cake and flowers you choose. There are a lot of options these days and one size definitely doesn't fit all.

Most wedding planning guides haven't caught up with today's wedding Officiant pricing.

     You may be caught off guard by the idea of paying a spiritual person for their services. Most professional wedding Officiants whether they are a Justice of the Peace, a Minister affiliated with a Church or an unaffiliated Officiant charge a fee. In Colorado professional Officiants charge an average of $400 for their services. 

     I've heard many confused complaints about this such as, "How can they charge that for a 20 minute ceremony?" Just like any professional there is a lot of planning and preparation that goes into your 20 minute ceremony. There is at least one meeting with the couple to determine what they want to do. The creation of the written ceremony, and additional changes if needed. Travel to the ceremony site and usually at least two hours on site during which there is a 20 minute ceremony. 

     Even so, when it comes to finding an Officiant, many couples focus only on the fee. Keep your perspective.
Think about the total cost of your wedding. If you save a few dollars on your Officiant by choosing based only on the lowest cost, how significant will that be in five or ten years?

The value of an experienced professional wedding officiant.
     It is important to find an Officiant who will help you enjoy your day, express what your relationship is about, and interact well with your guests and your other wedding vendors in a helpful and professional way. An experienced professional wedding Officiant is essential to making your wedding day run smoothly.

     Professional wedding Officiants have a lot of experience with a wide variety of wedding situations. There are many dynamics in a wedding ceremony that a professional knows how to handle.

 These include, but are not limited to:
- Family members who don't get along
- Wide variances in religious and spiritual traditions among family and guests
- Videographers and Photographers needs for getting good pictures and video
- Wedding party members falling ill or fainting during the ceremony
- Missing people or ceremony items (such as rings or flowers)
- Sudden changes in weather conditions
- Wardrobe and equipment malfunctions
- And many more . . .

Meet with your prospective Officiant.

     See what kind of chemistry you have. Does she/he seem nice?
Easy to work with? Does she/he have a pleasant speaking voice? What will she/he wear? Is the Officiant focused on pleasing you, or will you be expected to “do as you’re told?” 

     Does the Officiant have any restrictions or objections to your location, music, plans for pictures or video?, etc. Find out what kind of ceremonial elements she/he has to offer? What experience does this person have, and can you get references if you want them? 

     Finally, where is the Officiant “coming from” ideologically. Some Officiants are very traditional Religious Ministers – while others are interfaith, non-denominational Ministers who are coming from a different perspective.
It’s not a matter of one being better than the other – but only of matching where you’re coming from with your Officiant’s style and beliefs. So you can have the kind of ceremony that you’ll look back on happily ten years from now.

All Officiants aren’t created equal.
     It is important to find an Officiant who will help you enjoy your day, express what your relationship is about, and interact with your family, guests and your other wedding vendors in a helpful and professional way.

     Be sure to spend as much time, care and money on finding an Officiant that fits you as perfectly as the wedding dress, cake and flowers you choose.
Rev. Carrie MaKenna, MA
Anam Cara Living Arts

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Denver Metro CO, Front Range, and Mountains
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Carrie's also Fine Artist with a Studio and Gallery in Colorado.
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What couples have to say about Rev. Carrie
     "Carrie was the absolute best wedding officiant we could've hoped for!

     Her ceremony was absolutely beautiful and she perfectly met our request for a ceremony that would be very neutral for our mixed religious and non-religious guests (and the fact that I am spiritual but not religious and my husband was raised Catholic).

     We also incorporated many special things, including wine sharing, a pebble blessing ceremony, a mother rose ceremony and Celtic hand-fasting that made our ceremony extra special and unique, and mixed very well with our Celtic ceremony music and the Irish prayer quote in our programs. Carrie also had wonderful quote/reading ideas that were incorporated into our ceremony and made it extra special.

     Last but not least, Carrie had a wonderful, warm presence during the ceremony and did an exceptional job performing the ceremony. Many, many guests complimented us on how wonderful, moving and unique the ceremony was. I could not have asked for a more perfect officiant for our special day. She made our day so special and she was absolutely perfect!!!

     We were married during a beautiful outdoor ceremony during the day in Golden, CO."

Nancy & William - 2013,
Mt. Vernon Country Club, Golden CO
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